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Mar 11, 2012
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Northern France
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... another day, another swimsuit ... $claire-11.jpg
Bright, over exposed. And I'd agree - but it's really just a hair. Some may consider this part of a style or artistic choice. Slightly over exposing skin can smooth it out.

That doesn't stand out to me as much as the pose does. I wish you'd be positioned 20 or so degrees camera left. The resulting image would be much more feminine than the "straight on" POV.
'hot' is an ambiguous term that could have meant the picture didn't really belong in the forum ... that's why I asked for an explanation ... but I like to 'pose to the right' ...
'Hot' in photographic parlance generally refers to overexposure, as indicated above. With respect to the posing, either direction would have worked, but as Jess alluded to, the 'square to the camera' or 'football shoulders' pose is NOT considered to be a terribly feminine one.
I know what 'hot' means in photography, but it was not clear the photographic sense was meant ... isn't the model feminine enough regardless of the pose ? :sexywink:
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I think literally the exact same pose would be great without her changing a muscle, but you moving 45 degrees or so around her to the left.

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