Stinkn' noise!

Noise Ninja is good... and I used to use it for a while till I got a better camera. Or I do the black and white trick mentioned above.

Here's what I use: [link removed]

The main point of this photoshop plugin is that it is very TIME SAVING and can work almost automatically. I use it to correct noise in my concert photos. I have lots of them since I'm a guitarist.

his4ever said:
A family member took a picture of my dad and my son a month ago. I got the picture today and it had lots of noise in it. How would I tone down the noise??? Thanks

kind regards,
Al Murauski
I've tried lots of different noise removal programs...but noise ninja (a photoshop plug in) beats them all hands down!

If you dont have it...and cant get it....feel free to email the full res pic and I'll do it for you and email it back. :)
I haven't used it in a long time, but Noise Ninja is what I'd prefer as well.

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