Stone Fly

Neat subject! The first one it took me a minute to figure out it was a lure lol
I think it's too blue, warm it up and the colours become more true and pop. I took the liberty to do a super quick edit, hope you don't mind! I just pulled the blue channel down a bit.

Youre right pixel, everything is WAY too blue. Not sure what went wrong here or why I couldnt pin it. And my photos are always editable :)

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Other than the blue, which can be fixed quickly, anyone care to pick a best of the three? I'm currently in a fly fishing photo challenge. I'm leaning to the last one.
For a fly fishing challenge the last one works best for me. In fact it was when I saw the last one I knew what I was looking at right away.
I like the last one. The bit of cork adds just one more bit of fly-fishing 'kit' to help anchor the shot.
Thanks for the input. Just as an update, the contest was for Orvis. We had to do 20 fly fishing themed photos in a month. I actually made the final 10, but the picture they selected honestly wasnt that good. Didnt end up winning any prizes.

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Not my usual sort of shots. Something seems off that I can't quite put my finger on.

Biggest problem is that that fly isn't in the water.

But seriously, I would say, aside from the blue, the fly seems just a little head-on for me. Turn it just a little more to the side.

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