Storage and Slides vs. Film

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Galaxy_Stranger, Aug 26, 2004.

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    Howdy guys.

    Ok. I've been getting so much more business lately, I have to make a couple decisions. First issue is Storage.
    I've got a good source of Negative storage pages in binders that work nicely for me. I have these pages separated with tabs by client, so I can look up the account and have their negatives and other info right there. The problem I'm running into is: how do I efficiently store proofs? I'd like to place them in the same binder as the corresponding negatives instead of using a separate filing cabinet or something. And I'm loath to spend the cash on more plastic sheets that will only hold maybe 4 prints per page.

    Nextly, I'm trying to decide which format to shoot. I'd like to just shoot slides because then I don't have to make proofs, but it's more costly all around. The big attraction to slides for me is that I don't have to worry about what the printer does to the prints. But I like the vivid colors better than print film.

    Has anyone used the new Kodak ULTRA film yet? I'm shooting mostly portraits, but I'm just never satisfied with the brightness of the colors that Portra gives me.

    Any thoughts?


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