Storm over Lake Tahoe


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Jul 18, 2015
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Storm over Lake Tahoe.jpg

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Wow, when it's B&W is more scary.Nice pics, but still scary :D
Thanks xDarek :)
Yes, it is a big, very cold lake, but always beautiful, even in a storm. Pictures, especially mine, rarely capture the grandeur.
like the 2d a lot. pretty sure I could get in the near vicinity of where you took that from. old stomping grounds many many and more moons ago. ;)
Thanks very much Didereaux. These are taken from the South end of the lake, near Crystal Bay above Brockway. There are some trails in that area, but you'd need snowshoes in the winter. We were actually in a helicopter. First shot taken from the open window in flight, the second was from a small clearing where we set down, where my friend proposed marriage to his girlfriend. I was there to get some snapshots of the proposal. Didn't have any time to set up shots or choose angles, so unfortunately I couldn't take full advantage of the helicopter ride.

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