Interesting'd you get strangers to agree to such a close-up photo.
i think it would have been nice to get some different angles and maybe not cut off the heads and the chins of all of the people
I understand what you were trying to get with the photographs
This looks like "People Photography" to me
I like the series - great lighting, detail and colors - but I do wonder about your choice to cut off chins/top of heads. Was there a specific reason for this?

Thanks for sharing!
All look decapitated, and the catch light in the eyes are alittle annoying.
#1 and #4 have real character and presence i think.
good work.
like others said, not really crazy about the cut off chins and heads.

Secondly, these photos don't tell a story, therefore, in my mind they are not photojournalism and belong in the people gallery.

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