1. nerwin

    Should I ditch the desktop for a laptop?

    For all the years I've been working on computers, I never owned a laptop. I've always just built my own PC with the specs I needed, it was significantly cheaper at the time and laptops just weren't as powerful but today this just isn't the case anymore. There are laptops out there that...
  2. P

    anyone shot great video with just iphone? what accessories do you bring with you?

    more of a vlogging style. do you do everything handheld? use gimbal? use a tripod? how were you able to make the video stand out when all the footages out there are using big dslr and other gear equipments of higher quality.
  3. P

    difference between Iphone and dslr in quality?

    what is the difference anymore? Unless you really look at the details there isn't any. also, with a lot of final images and even videos being color graded and filtered it is even harder to tell. Is the iphone the future of photography and videography? even for video taking, attaching a stable...
  4. P

    vlogging with gimbal/tripod ?

    So, I have a trip in the next 2 weeks and I already have a fujifilm xt4, 2 sd cards, battery, a wide lens 10-24mm. I do also have a carbon fiber monfrotto tripod but it is too heavy and big to hold with one hand to vlog myself. I am basically documenting my travel journey for friends and family...
  5. P

    Why do my videos not look as good as professional examples I've seen? Screenshots attached

    i got this screenshot clip from aa yt video and i want to replicate it. im thinking it has to do with post production. in any case most video are clean and crisp/sharp and i am unable to get that in my own videos on a dslr even with all the lighting set up. what am i missing?
  6. P

    How To Create a Timelapse Video using a DSLR, LRTimelapse, Lightroom & Final Cut Pro X

    I put together a quick tutorial detailing how I capture and edit a timelapse video using my Canon 1DX, LRTimelapse, Lightroom and Final Cut:
  7. D

    Streaming with Canon T3i?

    I have an old Canon T3i that i've recently tried with the Canon EOS webcam utility, the program itself obviously has some issues. (ie; latency, frames not matching camera output) HOWEVER It DOES output pretty much the correct quality, 1080p 30, 720p 60, VIA the A/V digital output. The HDMI...
  8. rocketcityman

    Amateur Needing Recommendations for EOS R Video+Stills

    [Cross post from the Video section - but I feel like I need a general orientation for Canon here too] Hi Everyone! An amateur here hoping to up his game, so please help me navigate any pitfalls here! I'm about to make a big leap (from my perspective) from an old beginners DSLR (Panasonic G3)...
  9. rocketcityman

    Lens Recommendations for EOS R Videography

    Hi Everyone! An amateur here hoping to up his game, so please help me navigate any pitfalls here! I'm about to make a big leap (from my perspective) from an old beginners DSLR (Panasonic G3) into the world of Canon. The G3 has been fun but I've maxed out what I can do with it creatively. I was...
  10. P

    Walking Empty Streets At Changi Airport | Pandemic Outbreak Aftermath: Changi Airport Singapore Now

    Shot with a Huawel P30 Pro Walking the near empty streets at what used to be one of the world's busiest airport, Changi Airport in Singapore, amid the global health pandemic outbreak. This is what Changi Airport Singapore looks like now. Through the lens of a smartphone, the airport's final...
  11. Flavio

    Change ISO while recording video

    Hello, I have a Fuji X-T20 and just found out that I can't change the ISO while recording video. Is this common in most digital dslrs? Is this feature not important in video? Thanks in advance!
  12. NGH

    Photoshop tutorials and training videos

    My wife bought be a year's subscription to Photoshop for Christmas and so just seeing if anyone has some recommendations for a good series of You Tube videos to get me into shape. I've been using LR (6) for a while and have used other photo/graphics systems before so I am not completely...
  13. P

    Samsung Galaxy S8+, Scenaries, Pics & Vids of Okinawa and Kouri Island

    Once again trying to max out the capabilities of my Samsung S8+ in Okinawa. This time on route to Kouri Island, with afew pit stops along the way: View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size View: original size Also...
  14. P

    Okinawa Poetry - Simple Gimbal Mobile Shot Using Samsung S8+ @ Naha, Okinawa, Japan

    Hi, I'm a new member here, just started my photography / videography journey using simple technology of a smart phone and a gimbal only. 20191104_113115 20191104_113456 Do check out my Youtube channel @ Pocket Poetry, where I attempt to capture scenery views at Japan Okinawa's Nirai Kanai...
  15. WesternGuy

    DSLR Video - Newbie questions

    In the past few months, I have taken a few time lapse videos and this has gotten me interested in doing full-scale video. I have a 5D Mark IV as my potential video camera. Questions from me just starting out: Is there anything I need to know about the capability, or idiosyncrasies of the 5D...
  16. P

    Best canon lens for both video and stills?

    so, i am aware dslr aren't meant to do videos, but I have seen great films and even movie taken with a dslr. I want that cinematic look. what lens can give me the best video look as well as also being very versatile and can take great photos as well? Like for video/film i'll love to be able to...
  17. H

    What camera should i buy

    Hello, im a beginer photographer/filmmaker and would like some tips on what camera to buy. I work on a golfcourse and would like to take some nice pictures/videos on everything here. I like to travel and scuba dive and would like to use the camera when i do thoose things aswell. I've been...
  18. pez

    Fireworks Video

    I'm stuck alone at my office tonight, but I brought a couple of cameras and tripods to capture some of the local fireworks about a half-mile away... like I do every year :distrust: Pentax KP, DA*300, Rode mic
  19. F

    Video Interfaces for Multiple DSLR Set-up

    I'm looking into different types video mixers and recording monitors...does anyone have any suggestions for Video Mixers, Recording Monitors, or other equipment that could serve as the medium between 3-4 Nikon DSLRs and the computer for video recording/web broadcasting? Thanks in advance!
  20. K

    Hardware/software/apps for Automatic Focus Pull Nikon

    I can't figure out the right terms to find these answers on Google...but I'm looking for a way to set an automatic focus progression to adjust a Nikon D750 or D850's focus over time, without touching the camera with my hands, while it's on a motorized slider shooting either timelapse or video...