street photography

With you at the helm looks like it could soon be back in fashion. I dont think vapid praise for obviously top drawer work is what you were looking for, but good job. Great site design, inovative. Great photo work. As usual.
how do u shoot people without getting punched in the mouth? is there a subtle way to do it?

i love the hand to the camera guy

great shots :no smile:
Doxx, do you worry about releases? If I remember correctly you always need a release for commercial work and only need a release in art compositions if the subject is recognizable.

I don't really see these as editorial, so what is your concern?
Cool site, Cool pics. I'm a big fan of street photography, a totally uncontrolled situation.
Nice shots I don't think it is a dead art just sleeping
I am going to try it on monday it all the smoke from the forest fires moves out of town
I LOVE the one with the man who has his hand infront of the camera. :thumbsup:
thx for the compliments 8)

frog: yeh sometimes people don't like their pics taken, mostly I try not interrupt or disturb them. But I have never been in a critical situation - always friendly :?

Sometimes I photograph out of the hip in 'stealth' mode. For that I get the best results with my wide angle lens.
i really like 'em. i've been wanting to try shooting some stuff like that

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