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Jul 3, 2023
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
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hi my name is Paul im 34 from UK and i just wanted to introduce myself. im new to photography and have taken a recent intrest in street photography and nature/wildlife photography
Welcome! You'll find a lot of helpful information and guidance on TPF. Looking forward to seeing some of your work
Welcome to TPF! Hope you check out the Photo Galleries and post some of your work for us. It's a great way to get feedback, and meet your fellow TPF'ers.

Enjoy the forum!
Welcome, interesting handle
Hi to the newbi,s you are welcome
I am on south coast. Uk. You will fine the time zone difference interesting when chatting here
Some days it’s…. Where is everyone
Other days you are working to catch on the recent posts
I also do street photography, as you are new suggest you find and download the uk laws on street photography.
Knowing your rights/what you can or can not do is good when some loud mouth starts shouting
You can’t do that
Just be careful if you photo kids, I avoid doing so
Parents get upset real quick if some strange bloke starts photographing their kids

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