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May 10, 2013
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The ones below are photos I took in my yesterday's walk in the streets of Patra (well, except the last one I took last week in my previous walk).
I begin to realize that street photography and photographing people is what excites me more.

So, here it goes and any feedback from you is always welcomed.

1. What can't be displayed in the photo is the loud happy music that comes from the radio on his side. But you can see from the woman's
expression how much she enjoys the ride and how pleased her boyfriend made her

1307_PhotoWalk_137 by jckars, on Flickr

2. This guy posed for me twice (this is the 2nd one) and I really loved his character

1307_PhotoWalk_182 by jckars, on Flickr


1307_PhotoWalk_132-2 by jckars, on Flickr

4. Father and daughter looking at posters. The father looks at the ones lower, at his eye level, while the little girl wants to see the hightest
of them all

1307_PhotoWalk_162 by jckars, on Flickr

5. I liked the bicycle and the positive energy of that woman. A happy face and a big smile throughout the conversation

1307_PhotoWalk_178 by jckars, on Flickr

6. This old man suddenly stopped in the street, as if fallen asleep ( :) ) or waiting for something to happen. I couldn't resist in taking his photo

1307_PhotoWalk_175 by jckars, on Flickr

7. This one is from last week. I like the interruption of the pattern (4 kids with their back at me and one opposite). He feels lonely to me
in between his friends, together but separate. He is with them but standing alone.

1307_PhotoWalk_066 by jckars, on Flickr

I'll be happy to hear your likes and dislikes one them.
You clipped a few details like bike tires and feet. Framing is key. Watch for these little things. But youre on the right track here.
Exactly! As DiskoJoe wrote, pay attention to the details you crop. Also, in the 3rd I would had exposed the statue, but this is a personal taste.
Anyway, all of them are good and I really liked the second one. ;)
For the future, organize a trip in the mountain with the wind generators and take some pictures from the harbor. I regret for not doing this when I had the chance, I think these locations offer great shots.
Thank you both for your comments.

Thanasi, I haven't thought of the wind generators at all... eventhough I see them every single day from my balcony ;D
I shall pay them a visit for sure....

The harbor is one of my favorite places but I visited it many times lately and I want go visit other spots of the city more
uncommon to me.

Thnx for the suggestions
More uncommon hmm... Since the university is near, you could go to the Rio Bridge, if you haven't done that already. It also offers nice shots in night :)
One of my intentions is to visit Patra and try to take some photos of the bridge in the night with a view in capturing both the stars and the bridge, if the city's <<light pollution>> is not high. You could also try that :)
Other than that, you can also cross the Gerokostopoulou street, walk on this big stair and take a panoramic shot of the city. (I hope to recall the sight correctly, it 's been years since I was there).
Finally, I once saw in a greek forum, some pictures of an abandoned factory somewhere in the city, but I can't remember where. Believe me, it is worth the search.
Anyway, again nice shots and we wait to see more :)
See you

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