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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by lextalionis, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Hey gang,
    I’m starting to get into a “Strobist” lifestyle at very armature level. My photography is pure hobby. I currently us a Canon 30D along with a Speedlite 580EX I and 430EX. I want to first start off using the 580 on my camera to wirelessly trigger the 430. I plan to use an umbrella to shoot into/through with my 430 along with my on-camera flash. Experiment etc. with snoots, on-camera flash disabled, gels, etc. Below is a shopping list from Mid-West Photo Exchange of items I “think” I need to start doing what I said above. I look for good price and items that are strong enough for a hobbyist and compact for portability purposes.
    The next level I plan to explore is TX/RCVR’s such as PW’s, Radio Poppers, Cactus etc. I’m leaning towards waiting on the first few production pushes of the Radio Poppers and possibly ordering the RP Jr. or RP 1. I doubt I will drop the $$ for PW’s simply because I can withstand the occasional miss-fire etc., I’m not a pro getting paid. I aim to be able to fire both the 580 and 430 off-camera and was wondering what would happen if I put both strobes in manual, put a TX on my camera, but the receiver on the 580 and then use the native Canon 580 infrared signal to fire the 430, will this work? Any recommendations or concerns to share here? If this isn’t doable or advised, then it’s a matter of using another receiver. I also believe I need some sort of hotshoe adapter with a PC sync since the 430 and 580EX I don’t have one right?
    I’m just reaching out and taking my time thinking this over so I buy the right stuff the first time. Comments appreciated.
    My starter shopping list:
    LumoPro Lp604 5- Section 6ft Stand,4729.htm
    Westcott 43” Collapsible Umbrella with Removable Cover,4635.htm
    LumoPro LP679 Umbrella Swivel comes with removable hotshoe mount.,9426.html
    Rosco Color Correction Gel Pack,5881.htm
    DIY Rosco Grid, GoBo, Snoot kit,5880.htm

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    Also check out Elinchrom Skyports. They're half the price of PW's but just as reliable but with out the claimed 1600' range.

    Looks like everything you need.

    You can Relay the 580 to 430 with both off camera. Your x sync drops to something like 1/160 instead of 1/250 because the delay that's created with the 580 trigger remotely, then having to trigger the 430. I don't think TTL works this way. You'll have to read up on it. There's some people that are really knowledgable about Canon's wireless system at

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