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Aug 7, 2009
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Hello everybody. got my camera out this morning all ready to shoot only to discover that on my first shot my shutter got stuck halfway closed. I brought it into blacks and they said it may just need cleaning... i would have brought it the henrys but they were closed when i got to it. Im currently in school for photography and a camera is kinda important (just a little).

So mostly does anyone here know something i could try before getting it sent off to canon for cleaning/repair? 3 months past warrantee:grumpy:

Any help would be great.

It is a Canon XS or 1000D
Camera shutters are pretty delicate mechanisms. Unless you know what you are doing, let a qualified shop address the problem.

However, it sounds like you need a new shutter, about $250.
ya. i took it in and they will want it for 6 weeks. I need my camera before that so i had to end up getting a new one. I will use my xs as a backup when i get if fixed.

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