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Student trying for a MA in Photojournalism, help appreciated!


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Jan 11, 2016
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Hey guys! I'm new to the site, and I was wondering if there's any insight or advice out there for an aspiring student applying to UAL for an MA in Photojournalism. They want a portfolio of 5-6 projects - how should I format and organise it? I'm currently a double-law undergrad so applying to art school is a whole new thing for me...any help would be much appreciated!

P.S. I started my own exposure.co blog and I'm hoping to slowly build up a subscriber base. Do you think that helps me in terms of pursuing a career in photography?
What country is UAL in and/or what does UAL stand for?

Careers in photography have been disappearing in big bunches in recent years.
Plan on being a freelance photographer and be sure you have a good handle on how to start and maintain your photography business, particularly marketing.

From 2013:
Chicago Sun-Times lays off all photographers

. . . we have had to restructure the way we manage multimedia, including photography, across the network." . . .
Another example: National Geographic hasn't had staff photographers for quite some time now.
How can I be a photographer for National Geographic?
We are often asked by aspiring photojournalists for advice about entering this highly competitive field.

National Geographic photographers have college degrees in a variety of disciplines. Most did not major in photography, but all took photo courses. The most common majors have been journalism, anthropology, sociology or psychology, fine arts, and sciences. Our editors and photographers agree that it is important to complete a degree in a discipline other than photography. Freelancers usually come to us with at least five years of photojournalism experience or with specializations such as wildlife, underwater, nature, or aerial photography. We seek balance and an eclectic blend of interests, abilities, and photographic styles in the freelancers we hire.
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What country is UAL in and what does UAL stand for?

It's in the UK and it stands for University of Arts London
I'm no expert, but I'd go with three or four photos for each project, giving a grand total of between fifteen to twenty photos. Organize them by project.
What country is UAL in and what does UAL stand for?

It's in the UK and it stands for University of Arts London
There you go.
Hopefully you learned something about journalism.
Note that the Internet is global, a location in your profile helps people put your posts in context, and abandon a reliance on abbreviations likely meaningful to a limited number of readers.

When I write photography abbreviations here on TPF I usually include what the abbreviation stands for, or visa versa.
Like Depth of Field (DoF), or DoF (depth-of-field). I also usually embed a link to more information.

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