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Apr 13, 2010
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Last week was the last week of classes, and next week is the week of finals. I feel like I've been working non-stop since last Monday, so this afternoon I headed over to a local set of falls to take a mental break. I finally made my way down to this wonderful spot with a killer vantage point, and shot for about an hour (really, until I lost the light). The first image you see below is a combination of 2 images, the rocks being a 30 second exposure somewhere in the f18 region, and the water being a much shorter exposure to convey the wonderful movement. The second image is a closeup, shot with my still-new Sigma 35 Art lens that I'm just in love with.

_RSP1331-Edit by f_one_eight, on Flickr

_RSP1341 by f_one_eight, on Flickr

Comments and Critiques always welcome!!!
-An exhausted grad student
Bumps! Would like some critique on these both!

Love the water motion in both of these. Perfect shutter length choices for my tastes.

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