Subject backed by black background?


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Aug 20, 2007
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There is a ton of effects done in those 3 pics. If you are asking for a course on PS, this is the wrog kind of forum for that.

I suggest that you register at any of the many available forums online that would better serve to answer your questions.

If you want a little bit of an idea as to how to get some of the photographic details explained, I and a few others perhaps would be glad to give it a shot.
To have the background appear black, all you need to do, is to have more light on the subject that on the background (and expose for the subject). You can even have a white background look black, if there is no light reflecting off of it.
Just have your subject in harsh light, and have the background have less light. Then expose for your subject and it should result in the background turning black.
to give a quick run through on making the background black in photoshop -

1st you need to get your subject on a layer of its own. You do dthis by selecting your object (either pen tool or mask) i use masking.

2nd Create new layer and place it under your subjects layer and paint a black (or any other color) background.

if you are not that experianced in photoshop, either of these tutorials will do the trick

masking tutorial (i suggest you do this)

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