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Nov 12, 2007
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Cleveland, OH
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I am new to photography and just acquired a new camera. I submitted a few pictures to the critque forum so I can get ideas on what to improve. A consistent theme of the critiques suggests I need better identify subjects for each photograph.

I guess my question is to ask how do I analyze a given setting to identify an appropriate subjet for a photo; and then, how do I properly communicate the chosen subject to the viewer?
how do I properly communicate the chosen subject to the viewer

That is the challenge of the photography to figure out how to convey the subject to the viewer. Really think about what your are shooting, not just the about the scene but the point of the shot. Its hard to tell someone how to create an interesting photo, the best advice I can give is to look at photos that you find interesting and try to figure out why they are interesting. You'll know your truely becoming a photographer when you look at a photo and do not think "wow what a great shot" but rather "I love how the light hits the subject" or "the lines of this shot really draw me around the frame"
You need to first ask the question, "Why am I taking this photo? What is interesting about this scene to me?" That will help you determine what the subject is. Determining how to go about photographing it is a lifelong process that comes with trial and error, by taking LOTS of photos.

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