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Sep 26, 2006
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A friend asked me what I would suggest for a new point and shoot digital camera for them. They don't have any particular requirments or preferences, just a good quality camera which can produce good quality images.

I am not familar with the new P&S cameras on the market and was wondering if others could suggest a camera.

Probably around the $300-$500 (Australian Dollar$) ??
The P5100 and Canon G9 might be a little overkill in both features and price (unless they want a high end P&S)

You might want to check out the Canon A720 which is more inline with a P&S. For something bigger but with more zoom the Powershot S5 IS.
It is my experience that 99% of the people out there in the market to purchase a P&S are not looking for the advance features that you were seeking in your G9.

This is the reason why it is difficult to find cameras like the G9 and P5100 in regular electronics stores. Most consumers are either looking to spend under $400 USD for a P&S (compact, convenience priority) or they are looking to spend over $1000 for an DSLR (image quality, feature priority). High end P&S between $400-$1000 have a very small market.

Given the original post, I would be save in betting that the person looking to buy a new camera is part of the 99% consumer base that is looking for a P&S to take good snapshots of family and such. Photography in the sense that we in this forum takes a distant 2nd. That same 99% consumer base will most likely never move on to the more advanced features of you G9. That same consumer base will most likely not spend $400-$500 on a P&S.

I've been selling cameras for a long time.... correction.. sold.. don't do it anymore.
I'll echo the recommendation above and say the Fuji F50fd is a great camera. Really, really quick. No waiting for the auto focus and settings to kick in when in auto mode.
I second the A720 IS. I have the previous model (A710 IS) and it is excellent.

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