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Jun 24, 2013
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would like suggestion on purchasing my 1st DSLR my budget is about less than 1,000...i would be using it to take my 6 months old pictures...something that would be easy for beginners but can also be used as i learn ;)
Nikon D5200 with 18-105 zoom lens would be okay as well. Maybe buy a "little less camera", and also buy the excellent Nikon SB 700 flash with the money saved on the camera body. One thing about Nikon cameras: they have excellent flash metering systems built in, and a good, camera-brand flash unit like the SB 700 will normally last for 30 years or more (based on the three roughly 30 year-old Nikon flashes I currently own), and the Nikon flash will offer perfect integration with your Nikon camera.
The photo of the little reflex camera reminded me of the Yashica I used on the high school year book. Great portfolio
How much do you plan on using it? What more do you plan to shoot besides your 6 month old child? Are you hoping to devote your life to this hobby, or are you just wanting a "big camera" that takes "really nice pictures?" Because the D7000 kit listed above is an amazing tool, but it's going to push you pretty close to the end of your budget. Now, don't forget that with a new camera, you're going to want and need some other accessories - a bag, memory cards, even software. Lens filters, tripods, different straps, flash, new glass...

If you just want to take really nice snap shots of your child, I'd suggest something along the lines of the D3100. It's cheap, and you can find them used pretty easily. You can afford to get a decent lens, and you're not set too far back in your budget.

The best recommendation, honestly, is walk into a photo store and hold some in your hands. Snap a few frames in store. The difference in size between the D7000 and D5100/D3100 isn't huge, but it's very noticeable. Go try some out.
Gregtallica is right - go hold a few of them and go with what "feels" right. Also consider used cameras (from a reliable source). The money you save could go towards another lens or a tripod.
My advice, based on what I'm reading of your needs:

Go to the nearest Walmart and pick up and play with the current version of their Nikon and Canon prosumer model DSLRs with a lens included in the $400-$600 range. Choose the one that feels right in your hands. Use the leftover cash to get a speedlight, umbrella, light stand and a set of radio triggers. Then go to Strobist and click on "Lighting 101" and start working your way through the exercises.

In no time, you'll be very happy with the images of your child that you're getting.
The D7000 maybe be a little over whelming for someone just starting out with the menu system but is definitely worth the effort and something you can grow with for years.However if just to take snaps of the kid or kids it may not be the best choice.You can get a refurb D5100 for like three change and have left over funds for accessories.This is just my opinion though. I never really got to enjoy the D7000 I had from focus issues even the battery would die fast.I think I just got stuck with a bad copy.
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I'm happy with my Nikon D5100. I'm no pro but it's helping me learn the basics. I think it's a good beginners camera.
If I could tell my past self what to get it would probably be the D7000.

Doesnt change the fact I still miss the flipscreen of my D5100 on my D600 though.

Thinking about it, I dont really know what to tell my past self. LOL

Hopefully the successor of the D600 will have a flipscreen.

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