Suggestions for a hi quality backpacking camera


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Feb 7, 2009
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S. Idaho
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I normally overnight in the 'wilderness' in the back of my pickup, so I can take lots of gear..... I'd like to begin hoofin' it a little and spend a couple
of nights on foot, and I dont want to take my Canon, and assortment of lenses...

Anyone have suggestons? - what I'm looking for is one with at least a 3" viewfinder, 12+MP, and a long range optical zoom, and auto and manual modes. I can do more, but would like to stay in the $400 range.. It's about $100 more than what I'd like to spend, but the Lumix Fz40 has a lot of the features I'm looking for ... but I'd really like to have a little more zoom if poss.

Lookin' forward to getting started - Want to explore some of the slots canyons in S. Utah, so need to travel light as possible.. 3-6 days walking .. BTW, is it true that Global Warming has caused the ground to get harder ??


I'd recommend micro 4/3rds, like an E-P1. The image quality of most point and shoots are in line with cell phones. The E-P1 will give you IQ similar to what you get with your Canon (albeit probably better color), yet is small like a point and shoot, and totally within your budget.

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