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Oct 1, 2011
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So one of my best friends is very pregnant and due anyday so I asked her is she would let me play around with that beautiful baby belly of hers since I have always admired other photographers beautiful belly pics and she said yes. So we were going to go out tomorrow since its the only day she has available to come hang out with me and it looks like it is going to rain *sob* and she is due anyday!!!! So there will not be another chance. So I obviously do not have a studio or lighting as I am not a professional photographer but would love to be get a chance to get a taste of this kind of shoot and get my creative juices flowing.

So the question would be what kind of stuff have you used around the house to set up a shoot......Could I use lamps or a blacksheet for a backdrop? Lol is this even possible or should I just forget it all together.

I have a canon Rebel T3 and one lens yes it is a kit lens efs 18-55 mm so I will be super limited lol

Come on Give me some creative ideas!!!!!! Or cross your fingers that the rain holds off!!!!

Thanks Everyone :)
Creative idea- buy an off camera flash, shoot at her house in her nursery to be.(google Images "Pregnancy Lifestyle Photography")

I would skip trying to create a studio out of nothing. Stay near windows, even with cloud cover there should be nice light.
I am not so much looking to create a studio but ways to create a nice background with out it just being walls and furniture and ways to light it if needed. I never seem to have any luck with flash so I may play with it a bit tomorrow but am probably going to have to take a course I have a long ways to go. But I love the idea of the Nursery Thank You :)
One Idea I did have is I have nice big bay windows that let in lots and lots of light in the afternoon I was thinking of picking up some sheer fabric to hang over it as there is a ledge a bit of a ways in front of it if that makes sense. Can I do something thing that????? And if I did what colours should I avoid???
Do not do that thing with the hands forming a heart over the belly. *gag*:meh: it's been done too many times already.
On camera flash is pretty much awful and I wouldn't encourage you to use it. I would avoid trying to set up a background, but if you insist, iron it, and make it hang completely flat/no waves/wrinkles, and have your subject stand at least 4-5 feet away from it. Continuous light IE lamps etc, is going to be too dark to shoot by. Go now and check out what your settings would have to be using only lights. Most likely you'll have a high ISO as well as slow shutter speeds. Not ideal. I would avoid diffusing what little light you have even more with fabric, even sheer. Do you have links to images of what you want to accomplish?
Professional fine art photographs, maternity photography & pregnancy pictures.  NYC, NJ, CT love this but pretty sure its not possible without lighting :( Say Cheese! - Maternity Photography - Sleep, Sanity and Skinny Jeans | they are doing this with lighting right? Its not just not some awesome thing I havent learned to do with my camera yet!!!!Final Trimester – Maternity Photography Melbourne » Melbourne Newborn, Baby, Maternity, Wedding Photography | Iris Creations Photography I like these ones for this photographer as well. Dont know why that one doesnt have a link.
This is mostly for fun my gf knows she probably wont be leaving with any amazing prints that this is just a learning experience for me...... Which the only way I will ever learn is to play around with it and have fun while doing it :)

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