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Oct 8, 2010
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I've had this idea for a photoshoot, the theme is paper cuts. .... but i don't know how to tackle it. Any Ideas?
what inspired me:
this poem i wrote a while ago.

Those who are lost in love,

Those lost from it,
Those who had,
That which can break it.
A heart of stone
Heavy with lies,
Bleed onto paper
Form tinny little paper cuts
Forming tinny little scars.
Well anyone have any ideas?
or any way i should actually tackle this?
Is this trying to express the idea of sadism? I don't have ideas aside from finding someone who likes pain and take photographs of them. You will have to like blood though. Otherwise, there is the fake blood that magicians use.
I dont know what to say about this.... Can you tell me more?
Well if I was doing it, I'd use one model and make the stone and the model's hands (never his face/identity) as the two central parts of the image series because they can be highly symbolic and they will be good subjects for a photograph, at least for black & white photography (which is what I focus on primarily). The idea being that the stone is a burden or a weapon, sometimes both, and the model's hands become dirty and cut as the series moves forward. Maybe in some images we see the man attempting to build a small tower with a group of stones. Maybe we see the man washing his hands in the final image, and we see all the dirt and grime left over. Maybe during the entire series we see the man break a large stone into much smaller pieces.

The last half of your poem is not that good, and I don't think it would translate well to photography anyway. And I personally think blood is a cliche in pretty much every use and I try to avoid it entirely.

Good luck.

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