Summer day's end


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Jan 10, 2006
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The Great White North
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I'm not happy yet with the composition. I wanted to keep in the silhouetted girl under the tree, and the sun, but the tree seems too centred. If anyone has suggestions or wants to try a crop, please go ahead.
The main tree looked pretty deformed when I removed the smaller tree, so I tried a closer crop:

that looks better, i don't know about the pose of the person though... i almost feel like they should be on the other side of the sun to help add some balance, great shot otherwise though, love the exposure!
Yeah, I think it would have been better if she'd been on the other side as well. Or better yet, if she and the guy had been strolling hand in hand. Oh well!
Diggin the cropped version Anty. Nicely captured:):) I miss summer. :er:
Thanks Daan, I like that crop too! The tree shape is better (more balanced) if you keep in the foliage from the smaller one. And nothing is really lost by cropping out part of the foreground.

Does anyone have any tips for me about how to shoot the 'sun' better? To not just get a blob of whitish/yellow light?
The upper half of the tree really doesn't add any impact to the photo ... try a horizontal crop around the bottom of the hole in the main tree.
(Took me a while to remember where I'd saved the pic)

Here's the 6x4 crop you suggested, Seefutlung...

I like your second crop and Dan's crop a lot! Very nice capture...

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