Summer Stroll


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Oct 19, 2006
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Toronto, ONT
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I'm really not impressed with the compression of this image. You can see a slightly larger version HERE.

Canon 50mm 1.8 on 350D
f/8, 1/40th, iso100
Awww-awww, I feel a yearning inside me! Summer! How I want that time to come back! Colours instead of bleakness. Leaves instead of bare branches. Sunshine instead of rain. Blue skies instead of grey ones. FLOWERS!

It is a while ago that you took this photo, isn't it? Sigh..........
it's nice to see a bit of colour! wouldn't mind being there right now
Pretty picture, but could use some depth. Seems to lack a focus.
I took this photo Early Summer/End of Spring, but it makes me happy in the winter months.
My application to Canada has now been accepted and they are sending my visa, so this shot is going to be a nice reminder of my last summer living in England.
I'll no doubt print it and add it to the scrap book for homesick times and the yearning for the UK countryside.

I'm not sure about a focal point, my eye happily follows the path while taking in the whole scene.
Haha you guys, I forget that some people lose all this green in the winter. I live in so. california so that's not the case.

Good shot, I partially agree with Lloyd however.

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