Sunbathing goose


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Mar 24, 2008
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St. Louis
Took this a week or so ago. This time, I actually use the Liveview function of my camera or I need to lay down on the grass.

"...and Lo, there were ducks."

Just kidding...I like this photograph.

Nice DOF. As a (bad) photography intructor told me once, "That is 'Duckness'."
i love the dof. i cant figure out how to acheive that all the time tho? what settings should i use or focus on. is it the aperature or shutter speed? pardon me im a noob
Thanks for the comments.

I am shooting with Aperture priority and using a telephoto lens shooting at 210mm focal length with aperture of F/5.6.

The trick of creating a blur background with the above settings is you need to have the camera positioned close to the water or ground in this case so that the actual background is far away from the subject. And that is why I was using a liveview to take that photo. I could not lay down on the ground at that time because I shoot that photos during lunch break and was wearing with shirt and tie.

If you stand up and take the picture or not trying to position the camera to the same level to the subject, the background is going to be very close to the subject. As a result, you cannot create a blur background.

And I was focus on the eye.
Really great photo. I like how you got down on the same level as the goose. It really helps see things from the gooses perspective. Too often photos look down on animals, i prefer this one at the eye level. good work achieving the DOF.

using liveview - i'm assuming d90?
the live view on the new canon t1i is disgusting! you can look at the image on the screen (duh!) but .... you can digitally magnify the photo (up to 10x), auto/manual focus ... then take you pic with what you want in focus!

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