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Jun 29, 2013
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North Dakota
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Excuse that there's quite a few, I went a little overboard the other day :p

I wish that the shadow from the petals wasn't so distracting on these two
From behind:
the late bloomer:
My favorite:
It's hard not to go overboard, isn't it? :) Who doesn't love a sunflower?!? I like the way you explored all the various angles here. I like the first and last one the best, though in the first one I would have liked seeing the complete tips of the bottom petals. A minor nitpick.

Fun series.
They are nice shots and angles, the light seems a little harsh so keep in mind that the best times to shoot are early morning and late afternoon. If that's not possible try get yourself a diffuser to soften the light
Plenty pretty photo shoot looking beautiful. Love flower and (sunflower!!) it's honestly awesome one. It's not looking as destructing cause photo shooting is perfect.
Still raining like stew. In a few minutes I'll have to go drain the pool a second time - took off 4 inches last time (a couple of hours ago) so it leaves me to have to entertain myself...:D. The first is a straight edit to remove the green color cast from the yellow petals and to give a little more definition to the center of the flower with some selective HSB adjustments and a bit of sharpening. The second is just a flight of my own fancy...dinking about to entertain myself. I really like sunflowers and like what you've done with these.

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