SunPak PF30x with Canon Rebel XSI

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by nikonguy, Mar 29, 2009.

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    any idea why its not working? I've tried a few other flashes on my friends XSI, including 2 of my Nikon flashes... but for some reason, I cannot get the sunpak pf30x to work... everything I've read said it should work fine.. but it wont fire.. it works fine on my nikons, and it works when I hit the test button.. but it wont work when I use the canon, and I also tried it on a wired hotshoe, wouldnt work onthe canon..

    any help would be appreciated...

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    Have you checked to make sure that the company don't release specific models for different camera brands? It might be that you have a nikon version and it does not have the firmwire to understand canon?

    I do know that sunpack have a service for updating firmwire and it might be worth contacting them as they might be able to (after you mail them the flash) reinstall the firmwire for you

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