Sunrise from Fort Gordon GA


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Oct 11, 2007
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I caught this sunrise when I was getting off of overnight duty one morning using the Nikon D80 and a Sigma 10-20mm lens. C&C welcomed and appreciated.

Thats a cracking shot!..really like those colors.
this is really petty, since the shot is amazing despite what im going to mention, but you should photoshop out the telephone poles and the street light. that tower is a great addition, but the poles and wires are not.

regardless, stunning colors!
I really thought of editing out the stuff, or getting it from another angle, but it was one of those shots that I wanted to include the Antenna Tower in and was trying out the wide angle lens. As far as cloning out the other stuff, been kinda sick lately and really busy, just did a quick Raw to Jpeg played with exposure and saturation a little and was happy for now, will consider looking at one of the other shots that I got lanscape view and edit out all the stuff so the top isn't so dark. thanks for the comments ;)

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