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Nov 6, 2007
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Hello All,

I have just got my Canon 400D and trying various things with it. Recently I had been to a place to shoot a sunrise. But to my dismay my pictures turned out to be dark. I would like to know the right settings to shoot a sun rise/set so that I get the exact colors as I see through naked eye. I use the 18-55 kit lens from Canon.
Try this:

Put your camera is program mode.
Point your camera to the right or left of the sun (sun not in the frame). Push the * button (exposure lock). Then, recompose the scene how you want it, and it should come out kind of how you want.

You can also try metering off the water, if you are doing a sunrise over a lake/ocean. This will give more detail in the water.

Just guidelines...nothing is perfect.

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