Sunsets and Silhouettes

I like the first and second image very much; it would have been better if the sun was not at the center. Second one is captive; here the big tree is included as a quasi frame and really liked the outcome.... Colors, the power lines etc add to the beauty
The third image is a bit problematic, probably because of the indicator light of the other vehicle; yet lovely

Regards :D
A really nice set of sunset pictures. The issue of moving the sun off of center, is usually a good idea, but I just like it in the center with your composition. Picture 2, it's those nasty wires running right across the center focus of the sky that kills the picture. If you can remove them with Photoshop, then I would do so. Picture 3 is certainly an unusal type of sunset, and I really like it.
I love the first one, yet (maybe its just me) the second and third one are also nice but it seems as if there is decent amount of noise
Thanks all, but yeah ill see if I can remove those wire some way in Photoshop and see how it goes

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