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Aug 13, 2009
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Memphis, TN
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Here are a few from a recent newborn shoot I did. It's only my second paid newborn session and I like the way it turned out. Feel free to throw your constructive criticism my way.

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LOL these themes are great. Lighting A+ in my opinion
Thank you! Lighting was just a two speedflash setup where the key was fired through an umbrella and the secondary bounced to the ceiling to fill the background.
I do wish I hadn't gotten the bit of umbrella reflection in the glasses, but I feel it's not too distracting. Just one of those things that can't be unseen.
#3 is great. The others are lacking something - maybe they seem a bit too bright? Or flat?
I've voting number 3 too :heart:. Plus extra points all around for being clever.
#3 gets my vote. Best of the bunch.
My next investment for these type of things will be more fabrics. It'll probably make my shots a lot more interesting. Thanks for the comments everybody. Full disclosure, the premise of #3 has been done a few times. Can't take credit for the idea.
I was hoping for more of that harsh criticism that usually flows freely in this forum. : ) Let me have it. It's the only way to get better.
One last bump for critiques.

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