Supermoon view from Wisconsin


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Jun 4, 2010
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Wisconsin, United States
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I had a whole thing planned out to capture the moon in different stages of the eclipse last night, but just as I was getting ready to head out, the clouds rolled in... I scrapped the whole thing thinking that I wouldn't have a view of it at all, but shortly after I started consuming some night cap cocktails, the clouds broke and we had clear skies. At that point it was too late to gather up my gear and enact my original plan (not to mention I could no longer drive...) so I captured what I could from the back yard. Here are the two best ones I got. As always, C&C welcome.

1. For this one, it was about 20-30 minutes into the eclipse.

2. On this shot, I struggled to find a good balance of settings to get a sharp image because the moon was so dark by this point, so I decided to widen the image and capture some of the star field behind it. This was captured about 15 min before full eclipse.

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