Sweet 6D wifi fun with my son


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Jan 18, 2013
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Charleston, SC
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Got home from work and my 7 month old was up and ready to play and I just got my 6D yesterday so I decided to try out the wifi feature with a couple of snap shots. I LOVE THIS CAMERA!
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I would to if I owned one.The 70D is looking pretty good to.Nice shots! Very clear with nice color.The kid is a cutie.
Thanks Dark, he gets it from his mama. The 70D is looking nice on paper...I am pretty excited to see how it performs. Hopefully better high ISO performance than the 60D, T5i or T4i. I loved my T4i because it was my first but the low light performance was horrid.
What a sweet face. Congrats on your new 6D!
Thanks everyone! He is a handsome little boy...of course I am biased. ;)
Love the drool! He must be teething. That's where both of my nephews are right now. Yummy!

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