T4i is discontinued.?

AFAIK the T5i is the replacement for the T4i.
It happens. It's not like you're unable to buy one.
The only difference is how the wheel turns:

The T4i was introduced in Quarter 2 of 2012, so it's had its 13 months in the lineup. I mean come on, it's an entry-levelCanon...400 days is plenty of time...Canon wants people to upgrade to the T5i. It's been over a whole year...time for a new camera model in that slot. Iterate,iterate,iterate.
The only difference is how the wheel turns:


Funny how he explains (at length) how the cameras are virtually identical (except the mode dial)....yet he still stops to mention that he offers specific classes for the T4i and the T5i. :roll: what a tool.
Yeah the others already said - the Canon Rebel line upgrades fast. They always have a new model out just around the corner and often as not the jump between the two isn't night and day. If you want that Canon expects you to upgrade - to the next line up - which is your 6D, 60D, 7D area. The next Rebel isn't supposed to be a replacement for your current Rebel at all - you can go rebel to rebel - though chances are if you want to actually see any difference you'd want to wait a good 3 or 4 releases of them (esp since they sped up their release rate) .
I dont know why canon release two new releases the T5i and the SL1 but no new mid level releases for the 60D or 7D instead they just jump to the full frame 6D.Nothing in between to compete with Nikons D7100.Not that the 60D or 7D is not excellent but its older technology.
I suspect the "discontinued" title comes out when stocks reach a certain threshold point and production is stopped - I suspect the older, but as yet not discontinued rebels are likely just still in sufficient stock to meet demand.

As for the Midrange its a slower to advance area. Also Canon has mucked around with theirs a fair bit - the 60D and 7D split enhanced that market segment and they've done it again with the 6D and 5DMIII. That said many are expecting a new 7D or even a new 60D style body to appear to compete with nikon and to re-fresh that market section for Canon.
These "new" models are getting as ridiculous as the iPhone....

pretty soon they'll be out every 6 months..

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