Taking Photos of People/Kids in Schools?


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Jun 7, 2010
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Hello, I'm a photographer and I have taken photos of kids in schools. I seem to have permission, people enjoy it, and many people know me for it. The people I have taken photos of are conscious that I am taking a photos of them and if they request their photo not to be shown any where I do remove them.

Is it perfectly legal to post these photos I take on Flickr?
I wouldn't have thought so without a model release and in the kids case I'd advise seriously against it unless you have it in writing from parents. H
"I seem to have permission" sounds far too vague in my ears when it comes to posting those photos into Flickr!

If it were the school's own homepage, and their gallery, you might be safe enough, but a huge, worldwide platform such as Flickr? And you only "seem to have permission"? I'd advise against it unless you get WRITTEN release from the children's parents.
The fact that these people are saying it suggests to me that perhaps you are "looking like you have intentions" i.e not just casual photos of your kid at school.

I would not post them on line no matter what. There are perverts out there. They hijack a kids photo and doctor it etc.

I don't post samples of my wedding photos on the forums for that reason. People don't want their photos showing up unexpectedly. Could you imagine a photo of one of these kids being hijcked and then seen by someone on the side of a bus advertising against child abuse? The parents would not be happy to have it implied that their kid is abused.

It is a different story if you take a photo of bank robbers fleeing and others like kids are captured in the photo as well.
Even if you have permission to take pictures of children at school.. I think as a parent most of us that go on field trips have permission. But there are children that their parents have requested no photo's taken. I am assuming besides the school pics. You don't have access to this list, I am assuming.
"seem to have permission" does this mean you take pictures and noone has told you no yet.. lol?

I agree w/ sobolik.. there are way to many perverts out there!

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