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Nov 13, 2008
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So I've been talkin to my dad's friend about a budget wedding we were supposed to do. I didn't care for the money as much as it being my very first wedding. The good, they're from the same country as me so I know the culture pretty well. The 2nd, they're Christian so it'd be in a church. So we'd get both end of the world and would be perfect for practice.

So I just get a call from him saying he can't make it so I have to do it alone. ALONE! :confused:

Well at least I get to keep all the money..........
Please make sure they know it would be your first wedding!!! Money aside you don't want to mess that up for someone!!
Is there not someone else you could ask to help?
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Nope. It's ok, I'm confident I can do it. Just a little scared but when I go there, I'll be like "ehh ok I got this" But this is good to build up some confidence. These cheapos are paying freakin $300 and they kept beggin and beggin....but yeah wish me luck!
Ahhh... pressure. Mr. Murphy is your co-pilot (you know, Murphy's law and all that). No, you didn't ask his help, but he is there, nevertheless. So...

You want to make sure Mr. Murphy is kept on the sidelines. Can you rent a second camera? Do you have a grip with spare batteries? Do you have extra memory cards (all blank)? The 24-105 is a good lens, and should give you lots of opportunity to make the shots. The 580Ex is a powerful flash, but do you know where you are shooting? will you need to shoot direct or can you bounce the flash? Do you have a flash difffuser or "Fong" to control the flash glare? Do you have extra batteries for the 580? I've shot a wedding as the family photographer (they had two pros doing the "real" photos, so there was no pressure on me), and we shot "available light" except for the reception. The key thing to remember is that it's their special day and THAT is what's important. If at all possible, go to the church and reception area ahead of time and figure out what you've got to work with. Good luck.
I notice that you never mention the wedding party attitude toward this new development.

What is their attitude. After all they are the one and only party that is important in this equation.
Yup Pgriz, got all of that. Got 3 8gb cards, 3 batteries, lightsphere II which I have tested and know how to use just fine. I have extra batteries for the flash as well (pretty cheap at costco). Yup I'll be there hours before they show up to make sure I know where I am and everything. The wedding party doesn't give a crap about it. They just want somebody to take their picture. So that's at least good.

Well, we all gotta start somewhere. I guess this is my start at it.....see you folks on the other side
Ok, then you're good to go. (except that I'd still think about borrowing, begging or renting a second camera body). Good luck and share your results with us when you're done!:thumbup:
In some ways I envy you. In others I dont. I REALLY wanna get my foot in the door on this whole Wedding scene. But in no way would I wanna do it ALONE. I admire your perseverance. And cant wait to see some shots!
I suppose you have to get your feet wet first before you learn how to swim. I really don't envy your situation, because it sounds forced.

The lighting, camera settings, and all of that is very important and it seems like you have a good understanding of that.

Have you paid much thought to the posing? For people shots, and especially weddings, posing is even more important.

Unfortunately for posing, it's one of those things that you need to look at many pictures to find ones that work.
I found myself recently getting persuaded to be the 'unofficial' photographer for my girlfriend's best friend's wedding due to the pro only being there for about an hour for the group shots.

I am so glad I didn't have to do the group/posey shots! Go practice them!

Not one of my photos came out how I wanted them but then I never expected them to be fantastic and they aren't I need some faster lenses and more practice, anyway in the end I got bored and made them a website where I put all the photos on and other guests could as well.

I do not envy you, but I would definitely go and practice the posey shots and have a detailed checklist so that you know what they're doing and what you're doing while they're doing it.
Yeah I guess I can't call in sick at work tomorrow :(

Nah I'm confident. I'm looking at other wedding photography websites to see what moments they've captured and how theirs look. I should be fine. Confident about it!

I hope to WOW you guys here after I'm done w/ it :)

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