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Sep 9, 2010
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Does anyone know how to make a series of 300 or so photographs into a time laps video. I photographed a frame every 15 seconds for two hours while a stage crew broke down a set. Id like to make it into a 10 second video clip. I tried it in final cut express by making a slideshow but it wouldn't let me set the frame speed any faster then one per second.
How about Windows Movie Maker? I don't know what the max frame rate is on there, nor do I know what operating system you are using. Windows, Mac, Linux?
Using Mac. Sorry for my incorrect spellings. I dated an english major once. A sent her love letters and she edited them.
When you are using FC express, you want to pre set the default time for still images. Ideally, you would use one frame per image, but I have found the two frames works well. You can always speed up or slow down the time lapse after it has been rendered, or you can adjust the default time bring in the shots again. It's very quick to adjust and try different speeds.

I use videomach and it's amazing. You can control frame rate, the size of the images, everything, plus you can choose so many different output file types. I know this sounds like an ad but I'm just so happy I found this software.

I haven't put together all of the timelapse footage I've shot but you can check out the results of this software on my vimeo site if your interested.

Derek Mellott's videos on Vimeo
I agree with oldmacman on both counts. I would create the video first not worrying about the speed at that point but just worrying about getting the images together and into a video format. The use of multiple frames is also a very good idea.

Note: Be sure that when you do this you render to a format that is not compressed if at all possible.

That goes for any software you choose to use, FC, Avid, Adobe Premiere , Pinnacle, sony vegas.

Are we going to get to peek once you are done with the project?!

Good luck!

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