tamron 200-500 lens improvement


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Jan 31, 2016
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i just bought this lens for an amazing 375.00 from Roberts camera in INDY and am wondering what filter may help the quality of the lens out. My 1st thought was a haze filter but has anyone else used a filter to improve a lens or is this just a silly Question lol. I use it on a canon body
Certain filters, example nd or polarisers can help with certain effects required, but no filter adds to image quality, in fact they all subtract from image quality, albeit some good uv filters etc the subtract effect is very marginal.

There are no silly questions, just silly answers.
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I have found this filter works good when dealing with light effects. Good for using on hdr when shooting 5 brackets or 3.
Zomei 77mm Fader Variable Density Neutral Gray ND2-400 Filter Super Multi-Coated Schott Glass with Ultra Slim HD 18 Layer
I also am looking into possibly a filter that can limit haze. I also like a good CP filter.
My favorite lens is the Canon 24-105 f4l Lens. the quality of that lens or any L lens is remarkable
Now with programs like photoshop you dont need a lot of those filters. A Good ND filter is something every photographer should have in their bag imo, going to f11 and beyond will degrade the image quality even more than a good filter ever could.
with a good ND filter you can go 5 minutes using bulb and get some amazing special effects works great with water falls and towards sunset. Theres one thing taking pictures but turning photos into true art is another

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