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Jun 9, 2013
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Shipley, West Yorkshire, UK
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I know i shot it badly, cropped half her breast and tried to add extra negative space to make the composition work...Does the composition work? How do you like the image on a scale of 10?
Comment and critics are always welcome.


Is this working better in a matter of composition and eathereal effect? $JoeLeBean-Tanya2.jpg
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What do you think of it?

Did did you shoot this horizontally? Was there a reason? Or was all that extra white dead space added in post, is that what you meant? Why do you think that helped?

Why is her face pressed into the material so hard that her nose is forming leading line wrinkles to her nose? Looks like she is having a snot explosion.... not to be rude, it is strange looking..

Uh, zero! Sorry!
Concept is fine, but the empty space to the left doesn't add anything. Perhaps vertical format would be better.
It creates an interesting effect. That said I would play with the idea more.
I am not sure what to think of it, somehow i like it but really don't know what to think about the composition. I quickly shot her horizontally her face looking up and the I flip it 90 degrees on the post processing to make her look to the left. I found the frame to tight so i added extra dead space on the left as I thought the image would benefit with more dead space.
The fabric was on her as I was afraid that I won't see too much of her otherwise.

I like your honest comment and take it onboard, thanks.
Thanks for the feedbacks so far, i take all of them onboard and will try again as i like this idea of playing with a fabric.
that is a...woman(?) in the picture yes?
were you trying for something high key?
i dont really see the need for the added space. to me, it doesn't add anything of value to the photo.
I like the concept. I dont think the execution worked.
I'd crop it or make it a square aspect ratio image. It looks like CD cover artwork; evocative, ethereal, with more of a suggestion of sensuality than an outright showing of it.
I think you want a dreamy look, and it works. It looks like she in heaven or living in another fantasy world. I like to see more of this photo as you progress.

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