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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by D40, Sep 12, 2008.

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    Well, I just recieved the Targus MB-D200 and am waiting on my second battery to charge but wanted to give my first thoughts. I paid $129 at B&H. The grip is plastic with a rubber pad on the front but still solid. One thing I really like about this grip over the NIkon is the way the grip holds the battery. It is much like the Nikon MB-D10 in that the two batteries go in a tray and slide in the side of the grip thus eliminating the "clip breaking" problem I hear so much about with the Nikon Grip. Once on the D200 the grip/ camera feal vary solid and the grip fits very well. It does have the Li2-off-Li1 on the back for switching which battery the camera uses. One thing I heard about the Nikon is that when the batteries were left in the grip to for a length of time they would drain rather quickly. With the Targus, after you turn the camera off you can turn the grip itself off and I am hopeing this will help keep the batteries charged longer. Now, I have not been able to put the batteries in and use it yet so we will see what I have to say about it after a while but so far, I would say the Targus grip is a keeper and may even be better than the Nikon. Like I said I really like the battery system. Actually I think the battery system is better than both the Nikon MB-D200 and MB-D10 in that both batteries go in the tray, the MB-D10 keeps one battery in the camera and on in the tray which I think does not make sence as you must remove the grip to charge the battery. Now if they made this to the same build as the Nikon MB-D10 it would be amazing. Anyway, I do hope this helps as I had a very VERY hard time decideing between the Nikon and the Targus grip. Actually I think if this grip had the Nikon name on it I would not hesitate to get it over the other, it is just sometimes I (and others) have a hard time buying a non name brand thinking that it may not be as good.

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    Hmmm I wonder what the point of the switching feature is. I would think the ability to seemlessly have both batteries going, not worry about them and monitor them from the camera menu which shows the individual charge and number of shots on each since last recharge seem more like a desirable feature.

    I've heard this grip doesn't have an aperture wheel too.

    Can you actually use 3 batteries at once with the camera now? That would be a bonus.

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