you have a perverted fascination for the test forum... :p
I'll let you test them first.

Please Note:
I will be testing my nuclear capability with a 40 Megatoon detonation in this Forum next Tuesday.
Please stay outside the exclusion zone (Welcomes and Introductions should be far enough away)
You did not proved adequate fluid for testing to take place. Please return with another specimen of urine. And don't try to get around the tests again by using cheap whiskey.
St-t-t-t-range? D-d-d-d-on't k-k-k-k-know wh-wh-wh-what you a-a-a-are ref-f-f-f-f-ering t-t-t-t-to.

(as head shakes violently and pounds left shoulder while eyes are rolled back in head and tongue hangs from mouth and arms are limp by my side)

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