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Jul 8, 2010
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Hi everyone,

About the same time that I got my Nikon, I also recieved an old Yasica-Mat TLR. This camera is quite challenging to operate and uses fairly expensive film with only 12 frames per roll. I find that I really have to take my time with setting up a photo, but I'm not yet skilled enough to get the most out of the shot.

Still, it's really fun to use (maybe photography should be more about fun!) but I think I might put it down for now, and work on 35mm some more.

In any case, I was hoping to get your feedback on a few from my first roll.

In the flesh:

1) Over-exposed, I think. I blame my light meter :lmao:

2) "Break Free"

3) "Power"

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I really like the second image... only that you could have waited for a while until they were in the pool of light in front of them....

I really liked the irony of that gate in #3

The last one: well viewed !!!

Regards :D
Sorry if the numbering was confusing. The first one is taken with a friend's digital camera just to show off the camera. The other three are taken with the Yashica and are numbered.

Thanks for the feedback!
The two shots from the Yashica look blurred in the upper right hand quadrant. It looks like maybe the taking lens has a de-centered element, causing the blurring.
Hm...I just chalked that up to shallow DoF. I'll take a look at it, Thanks!
The Yashica Mat is a really fun camera, it was my first 6x6 experience and I really enjoyed it. I hope you don't give up on it totally. As for the cost, do you have the ability to develop your own B&W negs? If yes, that would help a lot.

I like the gate shot (aside from the blurring issue that Derrel already pointed out).

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