Testing out my new lens C&C?


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Aug 10, 2010
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South Texas
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I wanted to test out my 2.8f prime so I took a few pics around the house. I just need some better subjects now!


Typical Flower


Some Random Beads


A Typewriter
They look good to me.. But then, I'm a noob as well.. So my opinion may not matter :p
I'm a noob with her first SLR... so forgive my ignorance. This is a lens for macros? I need to know for myself because I love these shots!!

He didnt quite mention if it was a macro lense, by saying 2.8 just meant it has a wide apperature and that makes a very little in focus.
Ah, you're the one that must have bought that 200mm 2.8 in the sales forum! I was seriously thinking of getting that. Pretty sharp photos and nice bokah, though one stop might have opened the center of interest a bit more.
I really love the second one. I feel like the focus is in the wrong place in the flower, maybe more towards the center of the flower (with the tightly curled petals) would be better. I do really like the color in that one, though.

The typewriter looks like it's floating. I haven't decided if I think that's cool or not. :)
Wow, sorry guys, I have been really unable to think lately. It is a zuiko 50mm 2.0/f prime.

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