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Feb 4, 2011
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Hi all, could anyone give me some information on tether cables. My google search is very patchy and not much help. i am trying to pick up a cable about 30 feet. Thanks
For what camera and tethering to what device
A canon 7d to my laptop using DPP

I get all my cables (audio, video, and computer) from them.

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Thanks iresq
A canon 7d to my laptop using DPP
So you want a USB cable?

You won't find one 30' long - the maximum length is 5 meters (~16 feet). You could get a 5m 'extension' (I forget what they're called ... I have one ... it's like a 1-port USB hub attached to a 5m cable) and then connect another USB cable to that.
That's what I did and it worked pretty good.
Did the camera ship with one USB cable? I thought my 40D did. I could be wrong.
Thanks all for the info. In answer to above I have plenty of usb cables and one did ship with my camera but its 3, not 30 feet and there is something about usb cables only working up to 15 or so feet. The info above is exactly what I required. Thanks

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