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Oct 22, 2008
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In a few weeks I'll be getting a check for a few hundred bucks. I'm looking to buy a tripod, a tripod head, and a light stand/head/umbrella.

I was looking at
Manfrotto by Bogen Imaging | 055XPROB Tripod Legs | 055XPROB
for the legs, but I don't know anything about the head.

And for the light stand I was lloking for stuff at but I'm not sure what I need.

Any recommendations are appreciated.
Sorry for the off topic, why thanks Gov?
Sorry for the off topic, why thanks Gov?


I'm 17, and I had my mom file my taxes so I can get my federal, and I believe state taxes back. Woo Hoo! MONEY!!!
Actually, you're just getting money back that you've already given them through the taxes taken out of your paycheck. Getting a refund just means that they took too much out of your paycheck to begin with so they're refunding you.

Either way, that tax refund is pretty great. I always try to be sure I'm paying enough throughout the year to get some back later.
Not to mention... its money YOU gave the gobament interest free.

I have the 055XPROB, and it's a very nice set of legs for starting out with. If you fully extend the legs and then grip the top of the tripod with your fist and try to shake it a bit to test the stability, it's obvious that it's not going to hold a very large, heavy lens. But I shoot (with a 488RC2 head) with a nice small prime most of the time on my Nikon D80 or F100 and it's perfectly stable all the time with those cameras and lenses (50mm, 24mm). I have not tested in high winds, or with people tripping over it though.
Ha ha, yup, it's actually the government saying "Thanks Pure for the 1 year interest free loan!"

A coworker of mine can't understand the concept that he is not getting any more money with his $8400 (I don't believe that) refund than I am with my $2500 refund. We both make about the same amount and we both have 2 kids. I just don't pay as much in all year and get it in my paycheck rather than in a refund.

He also doesn't understand how all his itemized deductions don't do him squat over my standard deduction because neither of us make enough to pay more taxes than our $2000 tax credit for our kids. All his deductions (I think he's cheating) reduces him down to about $1500 tax and my standard deductions take me to about $1800 tax. With $1000x2 kids, they both equal out to the same thing. Neither of us even get the full tax credit for the kids.
I hope you guys understand I'm 17, and I'm getting my federal tax/state tax from my PAYCHECKS back. Nothing else, I don't file my taxes, I'm still a dependent under my parents. And unless you guys can magically cheat the system, the tax is taken out of your paycheck automatically.
Those legs are a good set for general purpose in my opinion. You will like them.

I too bought photo gear with half of my tax return (the wifey gets to spend the other half).

I have been looking at alienbees pretty hard lately.
Actually it is quite possible to get MUCH more money back from a "refund" than you ever put in with various tax credits. When I first had my daughter and a very poor paying job, I received thousands back and paid in less than $1000 for the year. I do not think its right, but it is reality. The Earned Income Credit was a very large windfall the first few years.

These days I am sure making up for it, but that is the way of things with a better salary.
Consider saving the money. I know Americans have a tough time with that concept, but I thought I'd lob it across the pond anyway...

Savings Account - Wiki


So true, americans are savings retarded, the concept is beyond our culture. . .but that's why we have driven (and killed) the economy in the past 20 years. . .:gah:

If i get money back from the gov't, it's going right in the savings account. . .hoping to get a home, esp with the Stimulus Bill going through in the next hour, $15k tax rebate 2010 here i come!

Then I'll spring for the D700. . .
Consider saving the money. I know Americans have a tough time with that concept, but I thought I'd lob it across the pond anyway...

Savings Account - Wiki
Amen you are telling it to the choir here. I have savings, savings bonds Is and HHs. Im thinking of getting some state bonds this year. Best thing is they are tax write offs till I get to collect on them.
And Pure those legs are a great choice. I cant help you with the head for lighting. Sorry.
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