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Mar 10, 2007
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I just watched the Royal Ballet do 'Romeo and Juliet' on BBC2 and really enjoyed it. Must be ill, better go check my temperature... :blushing:
well, we all get older, you know ;)
Was it the girls in their tu-tu's that interested you - or the muscular men in bulgy tights?

Think very carefully before answering.
Well I know which one I'd go for. Must be the Christmas spirit, with all those lovely packages.
Now relax... don't panic, they call that "Culture".

is it easily transmitted?

am i protected when i eat an apple afterwards? or is it safer to wear gloves?
Well I know which one I'd go for.

Well, judging by the revelations in previous threads I guess you must mean the girls...

*where IS the whistling smiley that makes you appear nonchalant while you're running away and hiding? It's never here when I need it, dammit*
If I were you, Anty, I would be scared!
But those are her shoes I am wearing!

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