The 10 Deadly Sins of Second Shooters

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    The 10 Deadly Sins of Second Shooters

    1) Not showing up. This is both a literal and metaphorical sin. You literally need to show up on time, at the right locations all day long. Even better – show up a bit early. And when the main photographer is in any sort of jam, be there to help. Metaphorically, while your physical presence is important, you need to make sure your focus is on the wedding and the job you are doing to ensure that everything goes smoothly for both the couple and the photographer.

    2) Handing out your own business card. You are there as a representative of the main photographer and therefore you should be doing everything you can to promote their business. So at the beginning of the day, ask the main photographer for a few business cards to hand out if anyone asks.

    3) Blogging images without mentioning or linking to the main photographer. Always ask permission before blogging images and never post images without due credit to the main photographer.

    4) Facebooking/Twitting/Blogging the images before the main photographer does. Most photographers have created a specific workflow to present images to their clients that will maximize their exposure (such as sharing on Facebook) and sales. If you ruin that experience by posting your images before the main photographer, they will miss out. So wait until they have presented the images to the couple, before sharing any of your images.

    5) Being unprepared. Weddings move fast and furious so preparation is key. Make sure your batteries are charged, your memory cards are ready and your lens are clean. This also includes dressing appropriately, and professionally, for the wedding.

    6) Not providing a receipt. Your main photographer is running a business and will need a receipt to claim the expense on their income tax return. Be prepared by having a receipt ready for them after they have issued your payment.

    7) Being a shadow. Don’t hover around the main photographer. Pick up your camera and try new and interesting angles – shoot close, shoot far, up or down. Just shoot something different. Your shoots should give the main photographer some variety and allow you to try some new things out.

    8) Posing a couple. This isn’t to say if you have an idea, you shouldn’t bring it up. You absolutely should – to the main photographer. But don’t step in and start directing without the go-ahead.

    9) Doing nothing. Keep busy – shoot photos, carry bags, get the main photographer some water. But whatever you do – don’t just stand there.

    10) Drinking. Consider your second shooter position a job (because it is) and don’t consume alcohol at the wedding reception. This will help you main professional composure and avoid any negative perceptions from guests or other vendors.


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