The birds and the bees


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Jun 13, 2003
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Wigan, Lancashire
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It's not what you were expecting is it? :D

Here's a young Blackbird in my garden waiting to be fed.

and another bee. But closer this time.

Both of these were taken with about 50% digital zoom with macro. I think.
Coming from you Darren it's exactly what I'd expect!
They're both excellent shots and I'm surprised at the DOF you've achieved with the bee pic.
The young blackbird hardly looks sufficiently feathered to be out of the nest but I love the "where's the food then?" expression.
I love that Bee picture, i agree, amazing DOF and awesome detail.

I like the expression on that bird, but something about the composition bothers me, it feels like it just needs a slight tweak, but still a good shot.
tr0gd0o0r said:
but something about the composition bothers me.

With me being a relative newcomer to photography, composition is something that i haven't touched on. I just tend to use the "looks like a nice shoot" method. [Makes mental note to read up about composition]

Are there any golden rules, about composition, that I need to know?
Thanks in advance.
The biggest rule of composition,i think is that you should never place the main subject in the middle of the frame. A rule that goes along with this is the rule of thirds. It says to divide the frame into thirds, horizontally and vetically i.e.

| | | | according to the rule of thirds, the best place frame your
| | | | subject is along these lines, ideally at an intersection. But
| | | | also don't abandon your this looks nice attitude either.
________________________ Your gut is one of the best compositional tools you have.
| | | | Just try to be conscious of the rule of thirds (it will eventually
| | | | work its way into your what looks good feeling)
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
oops, those lines didn't turn out quite right, at all. Just imagine the vertical lines paced out evenly along the horizontal ones. (hope it makes sense)
So the bird pic is "Too in the middle" and would've been better maybe at one side and be more "framed" Does that make sense? :scratch:

BTW I think I know what you mean. A friend of mine who I introduced to this forum (Dave K) is apparently bringing me a magazine which has a good article on composition.

Thanks again
i love the bird .. its so cute .. but im no expert :eek:
Hi daz
Nice work, looks like i have got competition, but my bird only wear feathers when as for the rule of thirds think of naughts and crosses. each intersection or line is were you should put your subject . But then again rules are meant for breaking. :D

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