The Bund in Shanghai, China


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Aug 14, 2020
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Suzhou, China
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Hi all,

Noob alert, first post here. I do a significant amount of travel photography here in Asia and also teach photography at a English language college here. This is a stock shot I made a month or two ago of the famous Shanghai Bund area. Bund means "bank" as in river bank. Hope you enjoy and appreciate your tolerating my nooby-ness.

Edit: Forgot to note, Nikon Z7 with 24-70 F4 Z series lens at ISO25 with an exposure of 1.6 sec @F8 RAW file post processed in Photoshop RAW Converter and then adjustments made to correct perspective.

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That's a really nice display of colours there.
That's a really nice display of colours there.

One of the "things" about China is that it is magnificent at night. This is a "blue Hour" shot, just past sunset, but not quite dark. It, to me anyway, is the best of all worlds when shooting this kind of work. People love the colors and particularly if it's somewhere remote and interesting. In China, you will see lights like this no matter where you go. It's similar to Vegas, only billions of times larger. Strange, but very true. Thanks for the really nice comment about this image, Face. Much appreciated.
Great shot!
Beautiful skyline photography.

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