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Hertz van Rental

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Nov 8, 2004
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Where am I now?
In Brighton it was Bridget.
It was Patsy up in Perth.
In Cambridge it was Lisa,
The hottest girl on Earth.
In Stafford it was Stella,
The best of all the bunch.
But down on his expense account
They were petrol, oil and lunch!
:lol: ...... didnt know you were the poet hertz! very good
I remember that thread... you are the master of many things! :hail:
JonMikal said:
hertz is the master of everything! :thumbup:

your last name is not bates is it????

(let it sink in... read jonmikals quote....

wait for it.... ..bam!)

i knew you had numerous skills...

photogal has told me of some!!! :taped sh:
aprilraven said:
your last name is not bates is it????
Funny you should say that as my mother's maiden name is Bates.
This goes some way to explaining why I have an obsession about showers....

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