The Comprehensive Guide To Mastering Potrait Model Poses v1.0


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Feb 18, 2011
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Dear Friends

I has just completed a guide to mastering posing when it comes to portrait modeling

Fundamentals aside, in my work the complexities of a modeling pose have been broken down into 3 distinctive parts with supporting influences taken into consideration.

The reason of this is to package it for ease of understanding, application and eventual mastery =)

The Anatomy Of Any Pose Is As Follows

A) Body - The body is the base of any pose, it provides the foundation for the pose.

B) Facial expression - The face gives emotion to the pose, it provides the soul for the pose

C) Body Language - Hands are an essential part of body language, hand posing provides sophistication and flair to the pose

Fundamentals Aside, The Supporting Influence On Posing Is As Follows

Visualization - You will not be able to pose well if you have no mental image of how your pose will look like. Familiarization on how you look when you do the pose in order to “see it” in your mind.

Experience - Knowing what pose to use in the given situation

Camera Charm - Camera Charm is the single element which distinguishes each and every portrait model to be unique not only by looks, it is the factor which reaches out to the audience of the photograph and grabs them by the collar and make them pay attention.

The fundamentals of posing and each of the points above is elaborated in detail with the aid of illustrations at

In my effort to better understand the human condition, I have spent the past 12 months gathering raw data in a standardized manner. The creation of this guide is one of the practical applications based on the analytical results from the data that I have collected. Although I would admit that my work is still in its infancy, I hope that my guide would be helpful for you.

Should you have any feedback on my work please let me know, it would mean a lot to me and it will aid countless models and photographers who have an interest in portraiture.

Thank you very much

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